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Straight Sundays…

Straight SundaysI decided to add a new section to Dunkins Playground called " STRAIGHT SUNDAYS" because for some reason my straight blog doesn't want to cooperate with me lately. Its something about the blog posting editor that doesnt want to work. But let me know how much you appreciate STRAIGHT SUNDAYS… your imput is vital!


He is one of my favorite male performers because he has no care in the world. I love that he is generally a freak and when that camera comes on you can see that it feeds him. I think its because he really just wants to put on a great performance. Just look a the pictures below you can tell he's a beast…. hahhaa who else can fuck a chick and then tongue fuck her at the same time???? LOL

monstercock-boz-05 monstercock-boz-10 monstercock-boz-15 monstercock-boz-16 monstercock-boz-18 tumblr_ngz7uy3HLK1s65eb5o2_1280 tumblr_ngz7uy3HLK1s65eb5o3_1280 tumblr_ngz7uy3HLK1s65eb5o4_1280 tumblr_ngz7uy3HLK1s65eb5o5_1280 tumblr_ngz7uy3HLK1s65eb5o6_500 tumblr_ngz7uy3HLK1s65eb5o9_500 tumblr_ngz7uy3HLK1s65eb5o10_500

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Dear Dunkin,

Dear DunkinSo the other day I was reading my emails and my Brazilian fan wanted to be showcased again on the blog. I love that I have fans from different countries because it really makes me feel great that my reach is that vast. He is one of those muscular bottoms ( I know some of you love them lol ). Check him out and let me know what you think!!

IMG-20141208-WA0005 IMG-20141208-WA0007 IMG-20141208-WA0010 IMG-20141208-WA0011 IMG-20141208-WA0013 IMG-20141208-WA0014 IMG-20141208-WA0015

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Dunkins Cupcake of the day 1/19/2015 is..

Dunkin's Cupcake BannerDUNKINS CUPCAKE OF THE DAY 1/19/2015 IS..


I know alot of dudes who say they wouldn't fuck a fem bottom because if they wanted someone who acted like a girl they would go get a chick. I can understand that you don't want to fuck someone whose very flamboyant. But then again wouldn't be weird to be fucking someone so masculine they don't moan.. its more like a grunt?? I think its weird.. But to each is own though.

What are your thoughts???




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#ThirstTrap.. big dick problems.


How many of you are guilty of doing this? When you know your dick is big and you want the person to know your dick is huge? Don't get me wrong by all means do I think this is not a bad idea. I'm all for someone who wants to show off what god gave them. But sometimes I think its a cry for attention.



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Dunkins Favorite Boy of the day 1/19/2015 is..@rockafellaz and @remality

Dunkin's Fav Boy BannerDUNKINS FAVORITE BOY(S) OF THE DAY 1/19/2015 ARE ..


I remember when I first watched this video. I was young and wasn't out but I knew about the pornstars and what not. This is when I was a huge groupie and I loved the pornstars. I remember when I was like damn I love some Remy Mars and Rock and all I wanted to do was meet them. Now that I know them, they are so cool and down to earth and look at them doing bigger and better things. But this scene if I'm not mistaken is from Once Upon A Time In New York 3. It's all about Rock and his trip.. but when he fucked Remy in the hallway and on the stairs.. but far it has to be one of the most iconic scenes.

tumblr_nglg1zADPg1ry3ou5o1_400 tumblr_nglg1zADPg1ry3ou5o2_400 tumblr_nglg1zADPg1ry3ou5o3_400 tumblr_nglg1zADPg1ry3ou5o4_400 tumblr_nglg1zADPg1ry3ou5o5_400

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Dunkins Favorite Boy of the day 1/18/2015 is..

Dunkin's Fav Boy BannerLITO CRUZ


I have to admit .. I'm a huge fan of his work. I love him on sites like rawfuckclub and timtales. Its something about his persona when hes doing a scene that gets me going. Check him out.. oh and not to mention that big ole dick!!!

tumblr_na2th7aulk1ry3ou5o1_500 tumblr_na2th7aulk1ry3ou5o2_400 tumblr_na2th7aulk1ry3ou5o3_500 tumblr_na2th7aulk1ry3ou5o6_r4_1280 

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When gay pornstars go straight…

When gay pornstars go straight…


So I was browsing ( I think I'm always browsing something… hmmm that would make me a blogger .. but damn here I go going off track ) a few different blogs and I saw a lot of " gay " pornstars who are trying to go straight or went straight. This is puzzling to me because I understand you being straight and having a big dick and wanting to do porn but what I don't understand is how can you get fucked or fuck so many dudes in the gay industry and then go around and fuck pussy. Now, don't get me wrong I am a strong believer in bisexuality.. I think it exist but I'm just a bit confused. Don't get mad when people like me are confused and still just associate you with being a gay pornstar. For example, Ace Rockwood got his start in the gay industry as a performer on and gain popularity really fast. Then all of a sudden he stopped appearing on the gay sites and made a scene with Blacks On Blondes. Now, all his does is straight porn and he even has a website called American Pornstar. When a fan askes him what made he cross over he said it was because he was Bisexual.. I personally think that was a lie. I don't think he was Bisexual .. I think his career was starting to tank and he needed a revamp.

What do you think on when gay stars go straight???


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Dear Dunkin…

Dear Dunkin…..

So here is another installment of my Dear Dunkin series.. so the other day I was looking through emails and one of my fans wrote me asking me what did I think of Breeditraw's new model Mr Cali. I've seen some of his vines and I thought they were hot. His professional work I was really a fan of .. I think the toys for cocks with Bam Bam was really weird to me. I think his talents weren't really showcased with him playing with toys. I would really appreciate him using that big dick of his on a hot ass bubble bottom. I have to admit this .. his belly button really turns me on.. but don't tell anyone I said that LOL.



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Dunkins Cupcake of the day 1/13/2015 is….



tumblr_nh9kieVGMg1s59aq5o1_1280 tumblr_nhvwcohVHJ1tjfxhgo1_1280

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That Moment When….


Do you remember when Rock came to Detroit?? Well, I do!! It was a time when Rock wasn't really doing that many scenes, so he got a call from Dre and Dro of Entertainment West Studios aka This scene with Creamz is on the DVD called " THE GAME PLAN".. make sure you check it out!!

tumblr_nfzfqzNYva1ry3ou5o1_400 tumblr_nfzfqzNYva1ry3ou5o2_400 tumblr_nfzfqzNYva1ry3ou5o3_400 tumblr_nfzfqzNYva1ry3ou5o4_400

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