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Dear Dunkin….

Dear Dunkin,

         tumblr_inline_ngmat6fCII1rbnf6p I'm a straight dude and I know you have a blog called Straight Takedown ( which by the way is the shit.. thanks for that ) but occasionally I read Dunkins Playground ( I can't believe I just said that ). You had this one post of these one shawty and his ass was crazy fat.. like he was shaped just like a bitch; that shit made my dick hard as fuck. So I was wondering does that make me gay??? I would fuck a tranny tho.. I've been wanting to have sex with one for a minute. I might even let a niggah suck my dick.. but I'm not sure about it yet. The tranny most def will happen.. I think they sexy as fuck. Can you help me out???

- Jay


tumblr_inline_ngmaoqKuOX1rbnf6pWell Jay I don't think your gay.. by all means sexually is so broad that you can have a conversation about this for days. It's really crazy how much I get this all the time. I think that you might be have some sorta of curiousity as to what it is like to have sex with the same sex , which is natural. I remember being in college and dudes would experiment all the time… but I don't think that would make them gay though. Im a firm believer in "try anything once" and then see if you like it and what to continue it. If you decide to continue it, then put a label on yourself.. till then you are who are you. LOL


P.S. Tranny Porn is soo hot.. I watch it all the time.. especially people like TS EVE ( shoutout to her ) @tseve and The Big Dick Bitch TS Madison @tsmadisonatl1

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Question: Have you ever been hard in public???


So have you ever really been in public and got hard and you was like fuck it.. it is what it is? I was watching this video and clearly the dude mustve been too horny because he was walking around and his dick was super hard. In the video you hear the dude say " damn you was super hard today"

tumblr_nf4r11ZTyu1rk2f5ro3_r1_400 tumblr_nf4r11ZTyu1rk2f5ro2_r1_400 tumblr_nf4r11ZTyu1rk2f5ro1_400


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Dunkins Cupcake of the day 12/20/14 is.. Dash via @entertainmentw1

Dunkin's Cupcake BannerRemembering Dash

Who remembers Dash from Thugseduction? He was the power thug bottom who everyone loved to see get fucked. I've never seen a more aggressive bottom who loves to get fucked as much as he did and still was about to retain his masculinity. He has sense retired from the game.. but they you never know you might see him again!

Click on the pics and join Thugseduction.. they have some hot material!

tumblr_n7wnv4yBR11r2v3p8o1_400 tumblr_n7wnv4yBR11r2v3p8o2_400 tumblr_n7wnv4yBR11r2v3p8o3_400

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Dunkins DingDong of the day 12/20/14 is…

Dunkin's Dingdong BannerDUNKINS DINGDONG OF THE DAY 12/20/14 IS..

Amatuers are taking over. Have you checked out he is really trying to take over the market with his straight boys. I think the site is hot! Its raw , its amateur  and its up and coming.. whats better than that!!

tumblr_nbtmdwj2yA1qj81w1o4_1280 tumblr_nbtmdwj2yA1qj81w1o5_1280 tumblr_nbtmdwj2yA1qj81w1o6_1280 tumblr_nbtmdwj2yA1qj81w1o7_1280 tumblr_nbtmdwj2yA1qj81w1o8_1280 tumblr_nbtmdwj2yA1qj81w1o9_1280

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A Message From Dunkin

Hey everyone out there, I'm not sure who really reads my blog so I'll just address everyone informally.I know alot of people were wondering where I've been and why I haven't updated and god knows how long? It's really because I was hacked… someone really hacked my server and deleted the blogs. I was so pissed, but a friend told me .. " you know you've made it when someone deletes you"  LOL… I mean its sad but so true. Who ever went out there way to delete me .. thank you!! It really made me feel important lmao. I'm not even going to lie, I was upset ( well upset is an understatment.. I was pissed as hell) but I'm over it now. I just wanted to address it and really let you guys know that I'm back. I will be making it my job to update a lot more frequently and really get back to my old Dunkin self.!!!

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Just In: Update On Dunkins Playground


Just In


Hey guys.. I just wanted to give you all a heads up on what has been happening in my life. I still blog.. I think there was a rumor out there saying that I was washed up or somehing ( you know how the haters like to speak lol ). But I'm not I just really need some time away from the blog and the industry, especially all the drama and just really focus on me. I think a little self reflection goes a long way. Besides, I was really doing alot in my personal life and maintain the blog, creating a website ( which is still under construction ) and having a personal life on top of that .. its a LOT!!! Then all of a sudden, the blog got deleted.. YES I SAID DELETED and I was going all types of ape shit …and it comes to find out someone hacked into my account and removed it from the server… The things the haters do to get on my nerves… but as you see here .. I'm typing on my blog right??? LOL Well everyone, I'm back and Im going to be posting alot more things.. just stay tune! 

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So, I think its only fair that since chicks have the Pretty face challenge, us dudes should have the dick print challenge and I wouldn't be Dunkin if I didn't make it a competition right? We all knew it was coming LOL.

Here are the rules:

  1. You must be 18 years and older
  2. The picture must be of you ( please dont be trying to act like your someone else.. or your dick is really that big )
  3. It must be a true dick print.. the freakier the better your chances are at winning
  4. Have fun
  5. The bigger the closer you are to the crown LMAO 


Email me all your submissions to DUNKINSPLAYGOUND@HOTMAIL.COM with your alias and or twitter name BY Sept 31. Then I will put all the submissions in a poll and the viewers get to choose their TOP 10 and from there those will be narrowed down to TOP 5 and then the winner.

THE WINNER WILL RECIEVE A PRIZE PACKAGED ( Autography DVDs, 1 mthn subscription etc)

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Question: Would you fuck a thick bottom???




So I was watching this scene with Kept Secret ( you know that dude with the big dick and the dreads who fucks great ) and he was fucking this bottom with a big ole booty and I was like damn would you fuck a thick bottom?? I know alot of dudes who would say no, I think they have a complex especially if the dude doesn't have muscles or goes to the gym 5x a week, but to me the ones who have great sex are the dudes with the big ole ghetto booties!





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@Entertainmentw1 presents Mike Mann .. a sneak peak





Well, you know me being Dunkin I had to get an exclusive on what was going on. I couldn't be up on here blogging and creating these posts if I don't get the scoop before everyone else. I knew Mike Mann was going to come through and work with them, but I didn't know when so it was a pleasant surprise to really see him actually come through. You know you hear those stories of gay for pay models being really difficult ( I wont say any names because thats just messy lol ) and you say theyre going to come and work but never show up; he did just the opposite. He was really professional and will be getting more work in like a week or so… be on the look out for that.

This mans dick tho… oo wee.. its so big I wonder how he keeps all that from escaping.. I mean damn!! We know you all love Mike Mann ( remember this is a sneak peak ) but click on the pics and join.. they should be uploading the scene was we speak!!! well in this case read and type lol



mikemang2 mikemang3 mikemanpg4 mikemanpg5 mikemanpg7 mikemanpg8 mikemanpg9 mikemanpg91 mikemanr1 mikemanr2 mikemanr4 mikemanr6

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@videoboyblog: Fore Play and Fuckin ft @bam82bam29 and @kravemoore_xxx





Bam returns in this this special update just for you hot versatile fuck'n fans.  What could be hotter than big dick deep stroke fuck'n? All the hot teasing stuff they do leading up to it: foreplay rules with these two–ass eatin', passionate kissing, ass fingering, and even toe-sucking.  And they ride each other like there's no tomorrow and spray loads of cum all over the damn place…

I think this might be the first time I've post Bam Bam on the playground.. I don't know why I never really got into his work until now. I think its because I see he really puts his all into the scene. This was a good scene.. Krave always does what he needs to do.. he is really good because he puts his all into EVERY performance.


8 17 29 33 38 42 48 50 52



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