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Kraving That Dick with @xacerockwoodx and Krave via @videoboyblog




Kraving that dick? With a thick brick like that Ace Rockwood becomes walking sex.  Ace takes charge of Krave as only he can, commandeering the perfect, sloppy blow job. And to give up the hole nice 'n' deep, just like he likes it.  And that's how we like it at the Dawgpound.  


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Dunkins Favorite Boy of the day 7/17/2014 is.. @rodneystcloud

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I know Im not a groupie or anything but I'm a huge fan of Rodney St Cloud. I can appreciate someone who is themselves at all and really doesn't care what anyone things. As a straight man who does solo scenes and body worship, you have to accept that the majority of your fans are going to be gay men. Lets face it, women love men with big dicks but women don't pay for porn. I'm sorry they dont.. its usually the men that pay for men. Women watch porn, but men are the ones WHO PAY!!



tumblr_n6jxbmRBvy1rvuskuo1_400 tumblr_n6jxbmRBvy1rvuskuo2_400 tumblr_n6jxbmRBvy1rvuskuo3_400 tumblr_n6jxbmRBvy1rvuskuo4_400 tumblr_n6jxbmRBvy1rvuskuo5_400 tumblr_n6jxbmRBvy1rvuskuo7_400 tumblr_n6jy97Ku1o1qfyt7wo1_400

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Dunkins DingDong of the day 7/17/2014 is..

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tumblr_n7nhh4Zqx41si245xo1_250 tumblr_n7nhh4Zqx41si245xo2_250 tumblr_n7nhh4Zqx41si245xo3_250 tumblr_n7nhh4Zqx41si245xo4_250

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Dunkins Cupcake of the day 6/29/2014 is…

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tumblr_n78n4pqwkA1r2v3p8o2_400.gif tumblr_n78n4pqwkA1r2v3p8o3_400.gif 

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The Dread Series Part 74

dreadlocks___transparent_by_nera3-d6vdnmzI've yet come across a dread head who didn't have a big dick!

tumblr_n5djo7QUMD1t1cnr6o1_1280 tumblr_n5djo7QUMD1t1cnr6o2_1280 tumblr_n5djo7QUMD1t1cnr6o3_1280

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The Man Popping all the bubbles : The @bubblepoppa interview

tumblr_n7dnegUd1z1qg3v0qo1_500If you're a fan of the playground, then you know this was a long awaited interview in the making. I swear I've been talking about a sit down with Bubble Poppa for the longest ( hmmm.. maybe since starting the playground and featuring him as a " Favorite Boy ( Man ) numerous times LOL .. He does hold the record for the most features in a particular section LOL. But that is neither here or there.. I really wanted you guys to see that he is actually a great dude. I support him 100% and I'll say this, there is no beef between us. All becasue he has a tumblr called " Poppas Playground" and my blog is called" Dunkins Playground" that doesn't mean he is copying off my style . A Playground is where kids come to " play" and in our case the " kids" are all grown up and  happen to be naked LOL. It's nothing but love on my side and well as his … stay tuned we might collab on somethings you never know *wink*.. BTW he has featured some of my " personal sessions" on his tumblr.. check me out !! =D

DUNKIN: Who is " BubblePoppa"?? Where did the name come from???

POPPA: That is my screen name on Twitter, an online persona because NO ONE knows his way in and around a bubblebutt like me. I use that reference to " popping bubbles since I'm a total top when it comes to having sex. That's all LOL.

DUNKIN: How is BubblePoppa different from Corey Corey? Or is there any difference at all?

POPPA: Of course, there's a difference. Again, BubblePoppa is merely my screen name on Twitter. Corey Corey is my stage name whenever I performed onstage, be it acting ( my REAL passion), exotic dancing ( which I've basically retired from, at this point) or making appearances to do live demos ( my latest gig). Wheither it be when  I was acting as the killer character in " B-Boy Blues", the original touring prouction out of NYC written by New York Times best selling author James Earl Hardy or I while  dancing in an all- ale troupe called " F-Word" out in Anchorage , Alaska, I still make them bill me as " Corey Corey". LOL. Real talk.

BrJFgWmCEAEh0Yd.jpg large

DUNKIN: Why do you think team Bisexual sometimes gets the short end of the stick when it comes to porn?? or just in general?

POPPA: Bisexuality gets the " short end of the stick"( as you say ) all the time. I recall someone trying to tell me that they don't see how a man could be bisexual… only a woman can. This was actually said inside of NYC's 1st ever bisexual swingers party, which I was the notorious host of. It's this kind of foolishness that only comes from one place and that's fear. Be it a man or a woman- on camera or off, if he or she is truly attracted to both genders but also enjoys the capability of being sexually active with both, as well; that only confuses the closed minded people, infuriates the prejudice and fears the hyprocrites. And let's face it, we live in a time now where more and more people are experimenting sexually than they'll care to admit out loud. If I ever did porn, It would be a bi or cuckold scene to keep it really real. People THINK they've seen me in action but only select swingers whom I've cuckolded can tell you just how intense I can be in the bedroom!

DUNKIN: What made you get into the massage business?

tumblr_my39mwwo5b1qg3v0qo1_500POPPA: I talk about that very thing .. in my book ( it's a work in progress) I want to reveal, yes, why I do what I do, how I did it and what wonderful experiences I've had after the decision to " go hard" as a personal masseur but it's best saved for my own story I wish to tell….

I will say that I started out as a fitness trainer and worked as that long before I switched. I was auditioning my acting and modeling the runway – more than anything – back then so I always loved being physically fit (and still do, today); I knew I wanted something that kept me in the gym. What made me change from being a trainer to a masseur, is the REAL question? The answer: I'm impatient. I'll admit it. People and their excuses to not meet their OWN goals drove…me…senseless! I used to dread going to work hearing women whine about wanting to fit their wedding dresses in a month yet they would give into buckets of ice cream at night weeks before their special day and ball over the treadmill about it. It was far too much for my tolerance level – even back then – so once I started my training as a massage therapist and practicing, I fell in love with the fact that I could benefit people via touch in more ways than one. For example, having someone cry (or fall into a deep sleep) after a session simply because they carry around so much daily stress is a reward!

tumblr_n5ao1q1Zd41qg3v0qo1_500True, I'm a former stripper-turned-masseur well-known to be an unapologetic freak with a third leg who has tons of sex appeal and isn't afraid to work it to gain clientele (helloooooo – LOL!) And, yes, I have NO SHAME in using my own looks and manhood to lure, but one thing I-am-not and that's an escort! Now, allow me to say upfront that I do NOT nor have I ever looked down upon escorts (I have my fair share whom I even call buddies) yet what I do with my clients ALL involve touch, not penetration! Not insertion. Any of my sexier massage photos (and there's plenty of them out there now) where you see my penis plopped upon someone's dome rested in the massage table's headrest, snaked along their back or nestled right upon (never actually inserted) a nappy phattie, I know damn well what I'm putting out there ultimately. It gets a lot of people excited but, hello, that's the whole point! I'm competing with pornstars and prettyboys in this business (none of which that are a REALLY offering actual massages). It's called advertiseMENt what I'm doing, and one thing I've proven over and over is how to self-promote to the top. Don't hate me for knowing who my clientele is. LOL. There's nothing wrong with creating your own buzz, professing at utilizing your own sex appeal to entertain others…as long as you get paid well for it! Besides it was my hands and personality (not my double-digit dick) that have taken me across the Atlantic and back, both have also helped me become the official masseur of Blatino Oasis two years in a row and counting, which is the 1st all-Black gay circuit event that I've EVER been booked at consecutively. Ask anyone! I'm known for bartending at The Black Party, giving free outdoor massage demos during NYC Pridefest, dancing at Adonis lounge, The Cock & Ice Palace or massaging out in Fire Island inside The clothing-optional Belvedere All-Male Guesthouse. Those are ALL predominantly-white gay functions. Even when I went to Jamaica recently, one of the most homophobic places on Earth, I was ALL OVER THAT ISLAND (and have the pics/video that no one got to see to prove it) because I was booked at a handful of resorts (as well as private houses upon the mountains) to massage MEN (mostly)!
So…I don't try to put myself above ANYone be they strip, escort, pornform, cam live or massage to get their hustle on. I just do my shit, MY WAY and it's working for me. I'm very happy where my massaging and persona has taken me, so far. I constantly meet the most impressive, unforgettable, dynamic individuals who are just dying to be touched….the RIGHT way. If I weren't ultimately doing just that, it would show and I would not be the most-reviewed masseur of or get account offers for free (not have to rent, like others) massage pages online on several other Rentboy sites. 

tumblr_mp1387jkri1qg3v0qo1_500DUNKIN: What is your best asset? Be honest… it can be anything!

POPPA: My charm, definitely. I'm a Libra, baby so it comes natural; when I want it to.Forget the physical blessings, I wouldn't be ANYWHERE without my ability to charm my way into the hearts ( and books of ) promoters, club owners , event masters, celebrities and the likes of everyone else.

Dunkin: Tell Dunkins Playground something hardly anyone knows about you.

POPPA: I'd love , love, looooove to create a political platform to fight the war against drugs, preferably crystal meth. The Lord knows that I smoke weed ( daily) but we all know that marijuana is not a drug and it  has its share of medicinal benefits ( I even smoke it for insomnia … mostly). But meth dude is no joke! I've seen it ruin so many Beautiful Black/Latin/Gay/Bi men in such a short period of time too. Yet, it amazes me, regardless of how vain the typical gay male is, they're still indulging in this extremely toxic drug that melts away facial structure and a man's natural ability to have an erection!! They jokingly call this " the bottom drug" yet it's only taking people to rock bottom! After experiencing the loss of friends and even a live in lover over this fucked up drug, firsthand, it's the only thing I'd love to use my following to fight against, somehow.! The Black/Latino LGBTQ community is, after all, my community.

tumblr_mp0ad9eGLG1qg3v0qo1_500DUNKIN: What kind of men/woman are you attracted to??

POPPA: Take a look through my Tumblr blog… Pay attention to my tweets.. take notice to who I'm instagramming ( other than my own selfies). No matter the gender, I like my men to be MANLY and my women as LADIES… but they ALL must be free sprited FREAKS! I favor the fitness conscious, obviously, because I'm a fitness fanatic; I try to work out 4-5x a week. Fat asses or "phatties", as they say, only look good on someone with a small waist! I'm very into all types of women and men but they had better be fit overall. I'm just saying….

DUNKIN: Woul you ever do porn??

POPPA: Not until it pays better…. FAR MUCH BETTER.

DUNKIN: You blog a lot of your sexual experiences on your tumblr ( do any your bottoms get made they are being exposed, or do they love the notoriety??


POPPA: Are you kidding me?! LOL! You're joking right?! CTFU! If only I could print out the DAILY emails I get from so many bottoms or gang banging tops begging to be the next ones I do a sextape with or take my sexy selfies with…especially one that I plan to share with the world on POPPA's Playground because it'll go viral in seconds! Not to mention they gain their own following too. You'd be surprised his many dudes want to fuck who I've fucked too! SMH! Lol! Even on my own blog, when I answer my HE-mail, simply look at what my fans are asking of me! It's all right there! They want IN my fantasies! They're sick of looking from on the outside. LOL Sure, some may be down but don't want their faces shown because they're "DL" while others are all for the notoriety. What you don't know is many of my "sex photos" that people are gagging over are mostly from an old archive I've had collected for years! Not every image you see of me fucking was taken as recent as I may make it appear. Especially ones of me breeding bottoms. I loooooove raw sex BUTT I'm NOT gutter-fucking every fat ass that bends over for me either.

tumblr_n6yq5dAPpQ1qg3v0qo1_500DUNKIN: Favorite place to nut??

POPPA:I'm so guilty of loving to plant my seed deep up in some pOOting, well-beat, gaping guts…BUTT since I can't (and don't) do that to everyone (regardless of how I make it look, sometimes, LOL) I also enjoy seeing my pipe spray into smashed-open holes, greasy bootays or muscular, bronzed backs with goosebumps and puddles of sweat forming upon them after hours of enduring my longstroking.

DUNKIN: How was it working with Rupaul?

POPPA: Ru was someone I sought out to meet when I was just a college kid in film school. I just…had to meet him after reading his 1st book. I even used RuPaul's calendar (that he had out at the time)  to "come out" to my black and VERY hetero (one, Muslim the other, church-raised) dormmates! I just moved in, hung it up over my bed, they froze, then I turned around and told them, "I'm bi and have kept it a secret all my life…until now, since I'm now on my own and the one paying for this shit! Oh…and I WILL be having women AND men coming in and out of here so if any if y'all have a problem with that, we can't be roommates!" Little did I know, not many years later, I would invite Ru to sit on my lap on the subway (and he accepted) and go on to do a cheesy cult film with him (like the ones I read about that he did with Lady Bunny out in ATL where they originate) as well as perform live as his backup in various clubs.RuPaul is one of those people that you'll never really know…until he's ready to allow you to. He's quite silent and meditative (or, at least, he was when we were on the road) but when he turns it on, it…is…ALL THE WAY ON! I learned a lot from Ru simply by watching him when he thought no one was watching him. Like Ru, I'm now also very selective in who I let in…entirely. Ru is ALWAYS conjuring! So smart and witty it'll stun you! "RuPaul's Drag Race" does NOT do that man's talent nor his brain any real, raw justice…and that show is clearly brilliant! I just saw Ru this last month when out in Los Angeles, briefly. LA photographers Steven Blank, Davide Laffe & I were all attending his candy bar premiere. It had been years since I had worked with RuPaul yet when he saw me through the store's window he waved me right passed thousands (and I mean thousands) of fans lined up for his autographed chocolate/pretzels bar to show me some Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram love! It's that kind of overall charm that I aim for. If Ru were rude to me it truly would devastated me because I had long already put him upon this pedestal as "Gay Mama." I love RuPaul more than anyone (including him) will ever know because working with him surely helped in my becoming known as "Corey Corey!"

tumblr_n5e585AAe21qg3v0qo1_500DUNKIN: Would you ever take up modeling professionally?

POPPA: Been there, done that. And still do! I've walked on somebody's runway or modeled in someone's book, given my face and likeness to this event or that website, I've even given my WHOLE body up to art (sculpture & photography) that's been up before the world to enjoy (like my flying/falling nudes bought for the Dream Hotel or my smile once featured in The Smithsonian). I'll always model on the runway, print or for fine artists so long as there's a concept I believe in. If an agency wanted to pick me up again to model or not, I'll never really ever stop modeling. LOL.

DUNKIN: Speaking of modeling, what is your working regime? ( You have an amazing body)

POPPA: First, thanks for noticing! A brother never said it was easy being fit! Especially when you have a hyper fast metabolism like mine! Gaining weight, keeping muscle on, up-keeping mass is all extremely difficult for someone with my body type. The good thing is I'll never be fat. The bad thing is, I'll be skinny if I don't workout. Since I come from a modeling background, I'm not trying to be all SWOLE and look ridiculous in a business suit! Since I'm against drugs, ultimately, you'll NEVER see me taking steroids either. It's just not worth it! I'm trying to give you international male model every damn time I'm dressed up, at ANY age! Naturally! LOL! To keep my waist the same size it's been since seventeen, I've been doing 600 crunches daily & religiously; 300 at rise, 300 before bed. Mon/Wed/Fri are my "Pecs & Triceps" days, Tues/Thurs are my "back, butt, and biceps" days and Sat or Sun is "legs day!" I only workout my legs once a week because I regularly ride my bike, rollerblade or power-walk miles like nobody's business just to clear my head. I inhale protein shakes to maintain my musculature. I eat whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want….but I also work my ass off to keep it so (ahem) tight and upright! Lol!

tumblr_n7s7rwknQn1qg3v0qo1_500DUNKIN: Whats next for Bubble Poppa???

POPPA: Well, I've already toured to DC, FL, GA & CA all in one month & I'll surely return to Palm Springs & Atlanta before the year is through but I think everyone knows bi now that I'm the most mobile masseur around! Always on the go….hosting a swingers event or creating my own, appearing here or there to massage live, throwing butt-naked birthday bashes in people's basements to premiering particular club nights in DC, even showing up last-minute, sometimes…….. like this weekend for NYC pride 2014! I didn't expect (nor plan) at all to be going back to NYC anytime soon. Yet here I come so it's massage you want, don't hesitate to book it before I'm gone…. I know people want to see more of me, sexually, but I've already made the decision to not share another (unseen) sexy selfie or fuck clip of myself until I reach 20K followers! I'm already at 16.6K but I want more since my Twitter followers are the only ones I have ever discounted 1/2-off whenever I'm hired to massage. Once I reach 20K followers on then I'll REALLY drop some jaws! ;-)   Happy Pride!!!!
Thanks again for this long-awaited and long-overdue interview, Duncan! Maybe now these haters can see how much we BOTH love one another AND each other's blogs (and that we're not sworn enemies as some are saying)!  Maybe I'll see you out and about in the city that never sleeps!

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DawgpoundUSA: Uptown Dick





Talk about a fucking comeback.. I was like damn this dude here ( USH ) is looking good as hell.. I see the gym is really doing him good. The dick everything is on point . Lasko, was in for a major treat .. the scene was good I was surprised Lasko was acting like he couldnt take the dick when he took Phat Daddy and Ush was talking about give me the " pussy " that was a shocker but the scene was hot. I can't even lie on that.. everything about it was on point!!


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Just In… The 411 on Homegrown Solos

Just In

Whats the 411 on Homegrown Solos?

So I've been getting alot of emails about the status of Homegrownsolos and here is what I want to tell you. I haven't stopped at all .. I just want things to be perfect. I don't want to shoot just anyone and release a site because thats what people want me to do. When I actually launch something I want it to be right. All the older shoots like Hollywood, Macana Man, Goldie Mac and DDL are all going to be featured on HGS but in the archive/vault section.. be on the lookout for new talent in the upcoming weeks.. I haven't forgotten about yall. ALSO LOOKING FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS AND WEBSITE DEVELOPS.. IF YOU HAVE A PASSION FOR PORN , VERY PROFESSIONAL AND REALLY WANT TO BE APART OF AN EXCITING TEAM.. HIT ME UP!!

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Dunkins Favorite Boy( man) of the day is @bubblepoppa

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Check out as well as

BpQjvrWCAAAm7Ha BpTbmJACQAImBUw tumblr_n7i2q7TYWi1qg3v0qo1_500 tumblr_n7i35tQDsw1qg3v0qo1_500


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Dunkins Cupcake of the day 6/22/2014 is one of my fuck buddies

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One of my FAVORITE ASS!!! I mean his ass is soo fucking good its like melted butter tho!!!

IMG_0108 IMG_0127 IMG_0360

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